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1297102446_x-office-presentation.png1. Purpose

The InnovatorETL project is answering a lot of request about Aras Innovator on starting to use this PLM solution in a Pilot Project. The Aras migration tool is more advanced but reserved to subscribers. Using the Open Source ETL Talend Open Suite we will help to migrate any data to Aras. The purpose of this documentation is to provide all the information related to this project in a clear way, easily updated through the wiki. It explains how the project and its sources are managed. It gathers the different specification writtent before developments to provide a shared idea of what is to be developped. It provides informations and updates on the project status and it gives a maximum of information to easily get people productiv on the project by providing the technical and context information about the development tools and method related to the project.

1297102490_web-management.png2. Project/Source Management

A successful project always starts from a precise and stable project and source management. Open Source projects can be more difficult than proprietary projects to manage due to the lack of human interaction, multi-cultural team and variation of development team size. In this section we provide information about the tool used to manage the project and how the responsability are defined to make sure the project progress smoothly.

1297102514_stock_task.png3. Specification

In this section we provide all the description of the development specification which should be followed for various versions and variants of the InnovatorETL tool. This specification will get more and more information and variants based on the different request made by project members and enhancement request in the issue tracker page. The aim is to cover a maximum of request in these specification making sure that each specification is released before being developped to make sure we avoid any waste of developpment time spent on unwanted or mis-specified features.

1297102527_book_open.png4. Project Diary

1297102564_gnome-planner.png5. Planning

1297102593_script_code_red.png6. Development

In this section we provide all the information and all the reflexion produced by the development. You basically find all the details about technical progress we made during this project.

1297102612_tutorials.png7. Tutorials

This section aims to help new comers in this project to get working quickly and be able to bring their added value and work without spending too much time in setting up systems or understanding software without enough documentation. We try to provide the best support for such documentation, like videos or link to relevant websites and documentations.

1297102632_keditbookmarks.png8. Appendix A - Talend

1297102632_keditbookmarks.png9. Appendix B - Aras Innovator

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