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Project Description

This project is answering a lot of request about Aras Innovator on starting to use this PLM solution in a Pilot Project. The Aras migration tool is more advanced but reserved to subscribers. Using the Open Source ETL Talend Open Suite we will help to migrate any data to Aras.

Target PLM Solution: Aras Innovator

Aras offers a wide range of business ready PLM software solutions that enable performance driven companies to improve innovation, collaboration and coordination on a global scale. Our comprehensive out-of-the-box applications address a wide range of strategic business initiatives across the entire product life cycle, including Program Management, Product Engineering and Quality Planning.

Aras PLM solutions are based on the Aras Enterprise Application Framework, a modern model-based SOA designed for the development of highly scalable, flexible and supportable applications that deploy quickly and adapt easily to evolving business needs while delivering bottom line business results at the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

ETL Solution: Talend
Information: Actual version used for the project is 4.1.1 . Only patches created with this version will be accepted.

Talend Open Studio provides advanced capabilities that dramatically improve the productivity of data integration job design, through a convenient graphical development environment, and provides proven scalability to ensure optimal execution.

Talend Open Studio also offers the broadest connectivity to all source and target systems to support all types of data integration, data migration and data synchronization operations. In addition it receives the support of one of the largest open source community.

Project Tutorials

On this page we will provide tutorials (as many videos as possible) to help contributors to be quickly technically up to date on the project.

Project Roadmap
  • January 23rd to February 21st : Version 0.1 : Export Data from Excel Files to Aras Innovator Objects
  • March 16th to May 1st : Version 0.2 : Export a Class/Object with data from Excel Files to Aras Innovator Objects
    • March 16th 2011 : First Specification for Version 0.2 - status : Pending
    • April 15th 2011 : First Beta Version for Version 0.2 - status : Pending
    • May 1st 2011 : First Release Version for Version 0.2 - status : Pending

Evolution & Enhancement to plan
*migration from Access
*migration of a datamodel from StarUML
About Prodeos
Started in 2009, by engineers and not only pure computer scientist, despite its age, Prodeos pretends to bring the right tool at the right time for companies in need of a sustainable management of their added-value informations. Our youth gives us a real dynamic to provide endless enhancement of the product we install. We run a continuous survey about the latest tool available on the market and the latest technologies that could bring added value to your information management process and your collaboration needs.

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 Open Source PLM @ Prodeos News Feed 

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