InnovatorETL v0.1


Version 0.1 intends to present the very first feature of this project. It has to prove the technical capability by reading data files and transfering these data into Aras Innovator. It has to really launch the project by providing an already usefull application that doesn't need much support for its use. With this version, Aras admin will already be able to migrate informations from large excel files to Aras Innovator Objects. The performance aspect of this first tool will not be optimized.


This Version of the software has to transfer data from an Excel file to Aras Innovator. This is processed with the following constraints:
  • The object should already be created in Aras Innovator
  • The property that we intend to fill have to exist
  • The provided data should have the correct format defined in the Aras Innovator object

Talend Process Flow



  • a file discribing the itemtype structure
  • an excel file with the data to migrate
  • config file for Aras Innovator connection containing:
    • Aras Innovator server address
    • Aras Innovator Database name
    • Aras Innovator Admin login name
    • Aras Innovator Admin login password


  • SOAP message sent to Aras Innovator
  • XML file containing the SOAP message describing the whole data migration executed
    • if transfer fails, it has to be possible to take this XML file and copy its content in the nash.aspx tool to re-process the migration.
  • a Log has to be created with time stamps and action details


In this first version of the tool a user graphic interface is not required. The program will be launched by running a .bat file from a command window.


  • Documentation on how to use the tool
  • Technical documentation on how it has been implemented
  • Video demonstrating how to use the tool.
  • Talend Schematic and Java Sources
  • ZIP file of the Talend Folder

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version 16 was done on release version to correct the process image ("Transform excel rows in AML request" was written twice)