This project is using the SVN server provided by Codeplex. Talend is the main tool used for the beginning of this development.
We use Tortoise SVN as a client.
In order to get the sources controled a new project as to be created in Talend and then you need to checkout the existing project from SVN to replace the newly created project files.


Information: Actual version used for the project is 4.1.1 . Only patches created with this version will be accepted.

Tutorial: How to get the full project from SVN in Talend?


Codeplex is providing different permission level with the following access level:
  • Coordinator
  • Developer
  • Editor
  • Logged-in = looged person not linked to the project
  • Anonymous = website visitor without logging in
You can view the permissions on this page: Permissions
The main items of this list are :
  • Everybody can download the sources and project releases
  • Every logged person can submit a patch
  • Every logged person can comment pages
  • Only developpers and coordinator can accept/decline pacth

Code Review

The permission leads to the decision to limit at the beginning the number of people having the developper's permission so we are sure to manage the code (talend job) review process. It means that all contributors will have an Editor access to be able to send patch and require reviews to the developper or coordinator. With the project going forward we will promote some editors to developper's identity to make sure that proposed Patch are quickly reviewed.

Warning : For Talend, using the SVN function "patch" really isn't suitable. So please provide patches by uploading the impacted files (for example if you impact a job called process you will have to send a zip containing "process.item" and "") make sure to include context variables if you added some in your job.

Extras Information on Open Source Project Management

Google I/O 2008 - Open Source Projects and Poisonous People


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