Development Platform/Tools


Talend, as presented on the home page of this project, will be our main tool to create migration tools for Aras Innovator. It can either produce .bat files which will have to be launch by an IT person, it can also be embedded in another application or talend can be directly used to process data directly without exporting scripts.

Source Management Tool - SVN

In order to collaborate on this project we use SVN as a software versionning system and source revision control system. Talend doesn't include yet a connector with SVN and the project might not be exclusively developped inside Talend so we will use Tortoise SVN as a client SVN of Codeplex so we are not directly related to a development environnement integration. All the update, commit, patches, merges, etc... will be done through manual actions using Tortoise SVN

Visual Studio

not planned for version 0.1.0


not planned for version 0.1.0

General Architecture

ETL Solution : Talend

Target System : Aras Innovator PLM Solution


aras INNOVATOR® is the only PLM solution suite powered by an advanced Model-Based SOA architecture proven to deliver robust, scalable and highly flexible PLM solutions.Aras is the only PLM software company with an enterprise open source business model and a growingcommunity of companies that are collaborating on implementing a full spectrum of engineering, supplychain, sales, quality and manufacturing applications.

Aras Licensing environnement can be divided in three parts:
  • The first block is designated by the line "Community Source Framework.It represents the block's core technology Aras Innovator. It is this base that includes the workflow engine (BPM) software, version management, item management ... For this block, the sources are not freely distributed. They are available to purchasers of the solution. The reason is primarily to provide users and customers to Aras Innovator software-based solid, secure and controlled.
  • Above this technical layer, the online Open Source Solutions is divided into two blocks:
    • The first of these two blocks is the set of features developed by Aras Innovator PLM to form.These elements are fully open source code is visible after installation and is fully exportable via XML files from one jurisdiction to another.
    • The second block of "Open Source Solutions" represents all the developments made by partners, customers, or any user of the solution.These solutions are freely downloadable from the project site Aras can deliver new capabilities to the solution.

Transaction/Communication model

not planned for version 0.1.0
  • Sample code to add an itemtype definition of an object named "Part"
 <Item type="ItemType" action="Add">
Data Warehouse
  • Sample code to add a instance of an object called "Part"
 <Item type="Part" action="Add">
not planned for version 0.1.0
not planned for version 0.1.0


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most used PLM supporting software as it is easy to use and very powerful to sort data, filter and produce reports based on any kind of data.
Most PLM or ERP solution provide export capabilities to Microsoft Excel which

Microsoft Access

not planned for version 0.1.0

Database servers

not planned for version 0.1.0

PLM Systems

not planned for version 0.1.0



Technical Specifications

not planned for version 0.1.0


SVN Best Practices

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